Hum Hai Teen Khurafaati - 2014


Amidst dreams of making it big in the world of Bollywood, three teen boys are caught between a sexy teacher, a lecherous Principal and the love of their lives. Rohit, Rahul and Raju are enjoying and exploring their college life, trying to hit on their classmates and crushing on their hot teacher Roopmani who teaches about their 'internal desires' and 'love'. However, the three boys have a passion and that is filmmaking. So in order to get financers for their film, the boys go through a turbulent journey, where they try to opt for all sorts of wrong means including cheating a pub owner. However, to add to their woes, are the final year exams which will define their future. In order to save themselves, they get into another trouble after they promise the lustful Principal and Teacher of their college to hook them up with yet another teacher of the college, Roopmani.

Cast & Crew

Rajeshwar Chauhan
Javindra Singh Bhati
Rajeev Gupta
Kashi Richard
Shweta Raaj, Satya Prakash, Deepak Noor

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