Indian Babu - 2003


Dil (Gurline Chopra) is getting engaged to Abhay Thakur (Rajat Gawda)against he wish. Suddenly she feels pain in her heart and it is discovered she has a hole in her heart. Abhay's uncle who is from London decides to send Dil to London for her treatment. There she meets Jeet (Jaz Pandher)and after a few meetings, they fall in love with each other. Later during a party,where Dil and Jeet are, Abhay Thakur comes there and Abhay's uncle announces that Abhay and Dil are engaged. Jeet becomes heratbroken. Abhay takes Dil back to India and start getting ready for the wedding. Jeet's father says go to India and get my daughter-in-law. Jeet's father sends a letter with Jeet to give to a woman. The woman was Jeet's real mother and she gave her son to the couple that lives in London because Abhay's father had misunderstandings with her. Jeet finds out and he then introduces Dil to her. Abhay's father warns Jeet's real mother to tell her son to stay away from Dil as she is getting married to his son. Jeet still goes and meets Dil. On the day of the wedding Jeet and Dil run away to get married in a temple where Jeet's London parents are there too. Unfortunately, Abhay and his father reach there and stop the wedding. Later when the Thankur is about to shoot Jeet, Thakur's sister-in-law comes in front and clears out the misunderstanding between everyone. Everyone there present watches Dil and Jeet get married.

Cast & Crew

Nadeem Saifee, Shravan
Surjit S Pandher
Nadeem Saifee, Shravan

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