Ishq Forever - 2016


Ishq Forever is a breezy rom-com in the traditions of It Happened One Night& Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi etc. It revolves around Aryan & Rhea who meet in un-common circumstances, are bundled together by a nudge of destiny & are forced to undertake a journey that not only challenges their idea of themselves but in the process bringing them face to face with the force of nature called 'Love'
Each character is in pursuit of a different pre-set goal, either by choice or by circumstances and others by their own sinister designs, adding a consistent dose of thrill and humor to an unpredictable journey.
Rhea, a free spirit, die-hard romantic, is in search of true independence & freedom, while Aryan is trapped by circumstances into this beautiful journey, pushed by unexpected events they end up on a ride of a lifetime...finding true heart-breaking love on the way!
Laced with quirky characters and sub plots that intertwines sweetly in to a larger than life love story with soul stirring music as its beating heart.

Cast & Crew

Sameer Sippy
Ajay Shah, Himanshu Gandhi, Shabeer Boxwala
Shabeer Boxwala
Nadeem Saifee

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