ISIS - Enemies Of Humanity - 2017


Wahid (Rahul Dev) works for the dreaded terrorist organization ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) whose prime responsibility is to recruit youngsters and make them jehadis. One such recruit is Nooru who has joined ISIS only because he wants to trace his grandfather who has gone missing. Nooru's sister Mallika asks her boyfriend Shakir to bring back Nooru. But as Nooru is unwilling to immediately leave ISIS, Shakir gets stuck there as well. Meanwhile, Sameer (Yuvraj Kumar) is an ISIS member who has a change of heart when he meets a peace-loving maulavi (Harish Bhimani). Sameer in turn tells several ISIS colleagues to break free from the terrorist organization. However Sameer's foreigner girlfriend Kim (Manon Faure) is kept captive by the ISIS. So Sameer has to not just escape from ISIS with his friends Norru and Shakir but to also rescue his girlfriend. How they manage to do so forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Yuvraj Kumar
Atlantic Films

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