Jaani Dost - 1983


After Kuber arranges the death of Rajnagar?s Raja Dharamsingh and his young son, he undertakes to look after Dharamsingh?s wife, Radha, and daughter, Meena, in order to usurp their wealth. The son, Veeru, survives, and together with another homeless youth, Raju, gets a good education, while the latter ends up driving a truck. Years later, Raju will be disappointed after he finds out that Veeru has taken to crime but will be overjoyed after he finds out that Veeru, is in fact, a plainclothes police officer.

The duo woo two women, Meena and Shaloo, but find their lives shattered after they decide to confront a gangster named Cobra. Soon Meena will be killed, and Raju will be arrested for poaching and killing a forest officer, while enraged tribal warriors will first abduct and then prepare to behead Veeru. (IMDB)

Cast & Crew

D K Raghvendra Rao
Ashwini Dutt, Arjuna Raju
Bappi Lahiri
Anand Bakshi

Jaani Dost Movie - Songs

Baagon Ki Tu Rani Hai

Jawani Jawani Jalti Hai Jawani

Aayee Aayee Mai

Jeevan Bana Jeevan Jaani Dost Kishore Kumar Asha

Hum Nahin Jhumate Hain

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