Jajantaram Mamantaram - 2003


Jajantaram Mamantram is based on the old Gujarati fable 'Bakasur' which tells about a sleeping giant who only gets up to eat small people. The original has been adapted to a contemporary Indian situation where Aditya who is a 'cool dude' from Mumbai lands up at Shundi, a mystical island village somewhere in the deep Arabian sea. There he finds himself about ten times larger in size than the local villagers. This results in a situation that is staggering, both for Aditya as well as the villagers. While Aditya can't believe all this is happening to him, villagers view him as an aggressor who would harm them.

Soon things are sorted out and Aditya with his wit and humor makes friendship with the villagers. He gets specially attached to Jeran, common soldier in the Shundi army, with whom he develops a great friendship. However, there is danger lurking in the background. Chattan singh, the foxy army chief, has with him a magical contraption with which he can create Jhanmunda, a monstrous giant as huge as Aditya. Jhamunda is not only big, he posses great power and to terrorize the villagers he has an understanding wit them that from time to time he'll get to eat one of the villagers, preferably a child. In return of this pbligation he would not plunder the village. Jhamunda, infact is a weapon with which Chattan singh plans to overthrow the king and marry the young and beautiful princess. Aditya's unexpected arrival wrecks his plans and in his fury he unleases Jhamunda to destroy Aditya. After a serires of ferocious fights, and with the help of Jeran, Aditys conquers the might of Jhamunda.

Good triumphs over evil and finally Aditya makes an emotional departure from Shundi.

Cast & Crew

Soumitra Ranade
iDream Productions
Three Brothers and a Violin
Nitin Raikwar

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