Jia Aur Jia - 2017


A story about two starkly different women (Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin) that share the same name. Together, they embark on a life-changing journey heading towards the same fate. The film is shot in Sweden.

A travelogue of two daughters of destiny who travelling the span of a foreign country, thousands of miles away from home, discovered that life no matter how short, can still be one big deal!

We have seen a million films in our cinema diaspora that describe the coming of age for boys going to men .JIA AUR JIA is the first bullseye attempt at telling the audiences what it is that brings girls to come of age to be women . While it is an absolute fun film written in the commercial mould, JIA AUR JIA is a film that asks pertinent questions, while fighting the high stakes of a magical journey called life.

Cast & Crew

Sachin Gupta, Nisschal Zaveri
Mirza Askari
Mudassar Aziz
Sachin Gupta, Nisschal Zaveri
Raqeeb Alam, Mudassar Aziz

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