Jo Bole So Nihaal - 2005


Nihaal Singh (Sunny) is an honorable, duty-bound constable in the village of Moga in Punjab.

A mercenary named Romeo (Kamaal Khan), whose sole aim is to spread terror throughout the world, uses Nihaal?s gullibility. Unknowingly, Nihaal helps Romeo escape the clutches of law.

While Romeo manages to flee the country, Nihaal is branded as a traitor. He is suspended from his job and loses his honor in the eyes of the folks in his village.

Meanwhile, Romeo moves to New York where he plans to unleash terror and assassinate the very President of the USA.

The FBI gets the wind of Romeo?s terror plans. But they can?t nab him because they don?t know what he looks like. It seems that the only man who has seen Romeo is a Sikh jatt from Punjab.

An SOS to Punjab and our Nihaal Singh is headed to New York. To the FBI?s request of identifying Romeo, Nihaal Singh has one condition: After catching Romeo he will take him back to Punjab to clear his name and get back his honor. Nihaal is a determined Jatt who is hell-bent on catching Romeo, whether FBI supports him or not.

Cast & Crew

Rahul Rawail
Bubloo, N.R Pachisia
Sanjay Chhel
Anand Raj Anand
Dev Kohli

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