Josh - 2000


The film was in the making for a long time and it shows. Max (Shah Rukh) and Shirley (Aishwarya) are twins orphaned but happy living in a little neighborhood in downtown Goa. Max is the group leader of a gang of unemployed youth who call themselves Eagles. There don't seem to be too many hassles in the lives of the Eagles except for their sworn enmity with a rival gang 'Bichchcoo', led by Prakash (a stern-faced Sharad Kapoor, who looks upset without reason almost throughout the film.) After a series of unexplained confrontations between the two warring groups, the plot begins to take on shades of a story line as Shirley discovers a love for Rahul (Chandrachur Singh) Prakash's brother who comes down to Goa after finishing an education in Mumbai. Rahul too is smitten by Shirley's obviously vibrant beauty that hardly escapes the attention of males in the neighborhood. However their unison in light of the Eagles-Bichchoo relationship seems far from possible.
Things get to a head when Rahul discovers that Shirley and Max own the vast plot of land that Prakash plans to usurp as part of his illegal land-grabbing business. Max unaware of the larger deviousness finds himself unable to cope with the thought of Shirley romancing the enemy camp. A bitter fight ensues between Prakash and Max, when Max accidentally kills Prakash and finds himself imprisoned. But of course the end is a predictably happy one, as Prakash's close friend eventually testifies that the death, which he was a witness to, was but an accident. The confession does away with a load of stress that Shirley, Rahul, Max and of course a hapless audience are subject too. The movie ends with everyone smiling?.

Cast & Crew

Mansoor Khan
Umed Jain
Anu Mailk
Sameer, Natin Raikwar

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