Justice Chaudhury - 1983


Advocate RK Chaudhary, (Jeetendra) is an honest person who dedicated his life to justice. He was once the prosecutor for a murder case which was defended by advocate Kailash Nath (Kader Khan). Kailash is also a business partner & chief advisor to Jai Singh (Shakti Kapoor) who is a smuggler and a gangster. Chaudhary won the case and Shankar Singh, Jai Singh's twin brother, was sentenced to death. Jai Singh swore revenge on Chaudhary.

Chaudhary has a happy family — his wife Janaki, (Moushumi Chatterjee) son Ramesh (Arun Govil) who is a Police officer, daughter-in-law Lata, and daughter Lakshmi(Debashree Roy). The only thing that worries Chaudhary is that his daughter is mute and can't get a good match. After some time, RK Chaudhary is promoted to Chief Justice to the High Court. This hurt Kailash a lot because he can’t become a Judge and he also develops enmity against Chaudhary. A young & smart looking guy Ramu (Jeetendra) who looks alike Chaudhary is a motor mechanic & a race car driver. Ramu loves Rekha (Sridevi) daughter of Kailash. Ramu enters into the life of crime and works for Jai Singh because Ramu has a life ambition that he wants to construct a house for her mother Radha (Hema Malini) who is in prison from past 14 years for the crime which he had done.

Jai Singh & Kailash makes a plan to revenge against Chaudhary they arrange a guy Gopal who is in their trap to marry Chaudhary’s daughter Lakshmi to keep Chaudhary in their grip, but Chaudhary doesn’t surrender to them even Gopal leaves Lakshmi. One day when Kailash comes to known that Justice Chaudhary is Ramu’s father, he & Jai Singh makes a plan and they tell Ramu against Chaudhary that he had cheated his mother, then Ramu decides to take revenge against Chaudhary so he changes get-up like Chaudhary and traps Chaudhary’s son Ramesh into a murder case which has presented in Chaudhary’s court and he gives judgment as life imprisonment. When Chaudhary starts enquiring actually what has happened and comes to know that Ramu is his own son, meanwhile Radha releases from prison and she comes to know what has happened through Chaudhary and tells the truth to Ramu that she herself went away from Chaudhary’s life to make his marriage with Janaki then Ramu realizes his mistake. Meanwhile, Kailash is also double-crossed by Jai Singh and puts him in his custody. Chaudhary breaks out all the tactics of Jai Singh protect everyone including Kailash, but Radha sacrifices her life to protect Chaudhary in the climax.

Cast & Crew

K. Raghavendra Rao
G. A. Seshagiri Rao
Bappi Lahari

Justice Chaudhury Movie - Songs

Mama Miya Pom Pom

Saath Mere Aaogi

Zindagi Ke Pehli Zaroorat Hai Kya

Maine Tujhe Chhua

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