Kahan Ho Tum - 2003


A two and a half hour long thriller intertwined with emotion and drama. It's the story of three friends; Jai, Rakesh and Karan in their mid twenties, caught up in a crime they did not commit. Unaware that they are under suspicion in the murder of a tribal beauty they had playfully chased while on a trek in the deep jungles, they continue with their normal existence inthe city

Mansi, a filmmaker from a far-flung place arrives on the scene to look for Jai who is to accompany her on an assignment she is working on. To her utter dismay she finds Jai has been missing for a very long time. It's while looking for the missing Jai that she stumbles on to certain painful realities.

Were Karan and Rakesh as innocent as they claimed to be? If so then who is the real culprit? And where had a straightforward man like Jai disappeared to? Slowly and steadily Mansi unveils the whole mystery step by step with the help of an astute Police Inspector, only to find that at the core of it all, lies a social stigma, the very assignment she had come for.

Cast & Crew

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar
Rajat Dholakia, Salim Merchant, Suleman Merchant

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