Kaisay Kahein - 2007


Kaise Kahein is a modern-day love story that pits romance against career. The young today are very determined to concentrate on their careers and make their millions as soon as possible. Love may not be part of their immediate agenda but it doesn?t come with a warning either. What happens when love breaks into the lives of two career-centric people?

Aditya is a young banker with a very bright future. At the age of 25, he?s earmarked as the one most likely to climb into the COO?s chair. He doesn?t have a personal life except his work, and he is happy about it. Till?Radhika comes into his life. She is a hardcore TV journalist and loves her work. She has left her native Mangalore and is dead certain that nothing, but nothing is going to keep her away from being the hottest young property in journalism. On the job 24/7, she conducts a sting operation during which she encounters Aditya?.. They fall in love, deeply in love, but that love is negotiated around the demands of their work. Their careers remain the priority.

Can careers survive love?
Can love survive career demands?

Love takes them into domains that they had not expected, calling on them to forgo their individual pride, ego and the demands of their careers. To keep the passion of their love alive, they are called upon to sacrifice something they had not budgeted for ? their passion for their careers. After several false steps, Aditya and Radhika decide ? rationally ? to separate their personal lives from their workspace. But that is easier said than done when both are into careers that keep them on call at the oddest of hours.

Love falters. Love can?t keep up with the erratic demands of their careers. Aditya can?t leave his burgeoning career opportunities when Radhika decides to take a much-awaited promotion that would take her to another city, away from Aditya, and away from love. It?s not easy going for either, but they give long distance relationship a try. But the separation is not just physical-or of distance. It?s a separation of minds, of different demands.

Can Aditya and Radhika find in themselves again the same passion that brought them together the first time?

Cast & Crew

Mohit Hussein
Siddhesh Productions
Irshad Kamil, Rahul Seth

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