Karar - The Deal - 2014


Karar The Deal showcases the lives of two women intertwined by their love for a man who is full of lies and greed.
Nikita, the granddaughter of a rich and old man, is asthmatic and resides in South Africa. While her family is just about her Dadaji and their care taker Annie, their life changes when Dr. Aryan enters. Aryan, who later becomes a family doctor for them while treating Nikita?s granddaughter falls for Annie. However, when the head of the family asks his hand for his granddaughter Nikita, he agrees thereby plotting to wipe out the family and share his money with his girlfriend Annie. But their plan is endangered by Nikita who soon realizes the truth behind her husband?s intentions. This in turn, gives rise to a web of twists and turns that puts Nikita, Annie and Tarun?s lives in danger.

Cast & Crew

Shashikiran B. Wadia
Shashikiran B. Wadia

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