Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar - 2002


Ranchodlal Patel (Paresh Rawal) is a Gujarati businessman who calls himself Roger Patel, though he likes his 'Theplas'.

Dr. Ritu Patel (Kim Sharma), a resident of New York Hospital, cannot do anything that annoys her father, Roger Patel.

Sunder Kapoor (Jimmy Shergill) owns a mobile Indian food unit called 'India on Wheels'.
Roger Patel is a successful Indian American who has migrated from Gujarat to Edison, New Jersey. A shrewd hotel owner, he has changed a lot with times, adopting the language and mannerisms of the West, while preserving his rich Indian values and Gujarati traditions.

A loving and possessive father of two beautiful daughters (Kim Sharma and Toral Mehta), Roger Patel is the perfect family man. His greatest concern is finding the right match for his daughters. The ever-cautious Roger Patel insists on a son-in-law who is a 3P ? 'a Professional Patel owning a Property'. This, he believes, is the tried and tested formula for a happy marriage.

Sunder is an enterprising youth who runs a mobile restaurant in New York. A man of small dreams, Sunder falls in love (at first sight) with Ritu. On the other hand, Ritu is least interested in Sunder.
After a roller coaster process in the heart of Manhattan, he eventually manages to woo her, something Roger Patel had neither imagined nor anticipated. All hell breaks loose when Roger Patel meets the boy and discovers that he is totally opposite to what he wanted. Sunder is a cook, a Punjabi and without any property. The 3Ps that were Roger Patel's yardstick are completely missing.

Though Roger Patel claims that he is always right, at heart he is democratic and someone who can be easily convinced, if his ego is pampered. The family uses this trump card and invites Sunder for a seven-day stay over at their luxurious mansion in New Jersey.

In his eagerness to win Roger Patel over, Sunder keeps goofing up, and Roger Patel snaps at him at every opportunity. Thus begins a cat and mouse game where each one tries to get the better of the other, leading to a hilarious confrontation between the two men. The family tries to balance the impossible?

Cast & Crew

Rahul Dholakia
Lal & Kishore Dadlaney
Jatin Lalit

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