Khallas - 2007


Bhau Patil (Sanjeeva Dabholkar) and Badshah Khan (Moin Khan) are rival dons. Khan has four sons, Bandhu (Raj Hussain), Tatya (Bobby Khan), Akki (Qumar Khan), and Bholu (Nikhil Mhatre) who constantly harass Bhau Patil.

Tatya and his college friend, Jyoti (Priya), love each other. One day, Patil?s gunman shoots at the brothers and injures Tatya, who is rushed to a hospital. Jyoti stays with him while Tatya?s three brothers go out hunting for the assailant. Meanwhile, Patil and his men go to the hospital and kill Tatya and Jyoti. The three brothers manage to track down Patil and give him a chase with the intention of killing him. Patil runs into two cops, ACP Khan (Om Puri) and Inspector Waghmare (Govind Namdev), who kill him in an encounter. The three brothers chasing Patil are also killed by the two cops the same way.

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