Khauff - 2000


Air hostess Neha Verma (Manisha Koirala) from Goa attends in Mumbai the engagement party of her friend Ritu Pereira (Simran) with inspector Arjun (Sharad Kapoor). On her way home she witnesses the murder of ACP Jaidev Singh (Mukesh Khanna). At the police station she identifies the murderer: Samrat (Parmeet Sethi), son of politician Singhania (Suresh Oberoi). To prevent Neha from giving her testimony in court, Singhania hires killer Babu (Sanjay Dutt).

Calling himself Vicky, Babu first tries the charming way, and actually Neha soon is ready to marry Vicky instead of attending the trial in court. But the murdered ACP?s widow (Farida Jalal) talks insistently to Neha until the latter gives in and bears evidence in court. As Babu now is under his employers? pressure, he starts bringing the bigger guns in to make Neha retract her testimony: He reveals his true identity as a killer to her, and as a prove he ruthlessly kills his friend Raja (Rajesh Joshi) before her eyes. But now Neha?s love turns to hatred, and instead of getting frightened, she is determined never to retract her statement. Babu, however, still has another ace up his sleeve...

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