Khel - 2003


Dev Mallya (Suniel Shetty) and Rohan Poddar (Ajay Jadeja) are bossom pals with different natures.

Rohan is a carefree sort of guy while Dev is a serious business tycoon.

Rohan meets Saanjh Mathur (Celina Jaitley), a painter by profession. She falls head over heels in love with him due to his innocent and sweet nature.

Soon his pal, Dev, also falls in love with Saanjh. But he is shocked to find, that an affair already exists between his best friend and the lady.

The film picks up momentum when Rohan is convicted for a murder he did not commit and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police commissioner Ranvir Singh begins to investigate and finds that he is innocent.

As the case reopens, evidence reveals that Rohan has been framed.

What happens next is what Khel (meaning the game) is all about.

Cast & Crew

Yusuf Khan
Sunil Shetty
Daboo Malik, Baboo Mall

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