Khel To Abb Shuru Hoga - 2016


Jai, who decides to use the path of crime to satisfy the dire need of money, gets trapped into a much bigger game.
Jai joins hands with his boss Chaddha in a car stealing plan in order to earn money to save his dying uncle. While he is unable to save him, he also lands in jail after his boss double-crosses him and blames him for selling a stolen car. Jai who befriends Abbas and Raja in prison, however, is faced with a situation when Raja kills the other jail inmate after a fight. Aware about Abbas' family details, Jai decides to take advantage of the situation and leads a life of new identity with a girl named Zara, the girl who married Abbas in their childhood. Soon Jai realizes that his game plan of a new identity has once again pushed him in deep trouble, when a man named KK demands a sum of Rs. 75 lakhs, a loan that Abbas was supposed to repay. The trouble caused by KK doesn't end there as yet another series of secrets about Abbas' death unfold.

Cast & Crew

Kunal V Singh
Mahesh Narula
Kunal V Singh
Babli Haque, Ricky Mishra
Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

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