Khoj - 1989


Ravi kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) and his wife Anita kapoor come to (Kathmandu) to spend holidays. One night, Anita mysteriously disappears and doesn't return. Ravi then files a report that his wife is missing. Inspector Balbir (Naseeruddin shah) files his report and starts searching for Anita. Next day, Ravi gets a call from Father Anthony (Danny Denzongpa) saying that his missing wife is with him in the Church.

But when Ravi meets her, he claims that she is not his wife but some other woman. Inspector Balbir finds all the proofs are against Ravi. Ravi tries all things to prove that the woman is not his wife but on every move it is proved that Ravi is wrong. Who is this woman and why is she claiming to be Ravi's wife? The movie is a nail biting thriller which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Cast & Crew

Keshu Ramsay
Keshu Ramsay, Kiran Ramsay
Bappi Lahiri

Khoj Movie - Songs

Khoj Mein Kis Ki

Biwi Biwi Biwi

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