Kirkit - 2009


Five spoilt rich brats come to Goa on a holiday from Mumbai. Their sole aim is to enjoy girls and alcohol which they assume one gets in abundance in Goa. They end up having clashes with another group of boys from Hyderabad who are very hot headed. If they think that was their last encounter together, they have more clashes as they end up landing in the same hotel wherein only a single room is available for both of them. Now when that matter gets resolved, they end up having a fight over the same girl in the hotel night club. Frustrated by their constant skirmishes the two groups then decide amongst them that to settle the matter for once and all between them as to who is the real winner, they will have a deciding cricket match. Their two cocky hotel managers played by Sanjay Kapoor and Gulshan Grover come to know of it and taking advantage of this situation they decide to turn it around into a money making business. They arrange the match on a larger scale and also invite their hotel owner (Jackie Shroff) and his blonde assistant as the chief guest. So there we have a match between the two teams aptly titled Mumbai Vada Pavs and Hyderabadi Biryani. How a smart Sayali Bhagat decides to exploit this situation further and what more complications it all leads to forms the rest of the film.

From the first frame of the film itself you are sure that the film ahead is going to be one helluva amateurish attempt at filmmaking. Corny one-liners, toilet humour, double innuendo jokes galore you name it you have it all. Pray why do they have to show five dudes pissing, so elaborately?

Cast & Crew

Shashi Preetam
Shashi Preetam

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