Kisna - 2005


It's the great Indian family again. Only this time the fissures are more that visible. They are threatening to break the parivaar apart, despite the fact that the three feuding brothers live under one roof with their respective broods. It takes much more that tantrums, cajoling and threats on the part of the pater familias (Anjan Srivatava) to keep the quarrelling clan together. It takes an effervescent fun-loving outsider (Sanjay Dutt) to ease out the cracks in the family fold.

Dutt enters the household with dubious intentions. A professional cheat, he dreams of walking off with the family millions in the dead of night. But before he does that, he must charm his way through the disparate family members. He must bridge the chasm between Dadi (Farida Jalal) and her daughter-in-law. He must resolve the differences between Bade bhai (Om Puri) and chote bhai (Ashok Saraf). He must teach the mandatory bhajan to the MTV chokri. More importantly, he must transform the drab, be-spectacled, Urmila into a femme fatale who can catch the fancy of any and every eligible moneybag in town.

Is he daunted? Nah! Sanjay Shastri is the sweetest superman around who can spin dreams in a jiffy and work magic with his mesmeric ways. So that, before you can say abracadabra, change looms large round the corner. Fathers, mothers, sons and brothers come closer and closer - to each other and towards Sanju too. With his irresistible charms, he becomes an integral part of the family: a problem solver, a do-gooder, despite his not-so-food intentions. As for Shivani, the sweet and homely ladki, life takes off on a tangent for her too. She not only sheds her seedha-saadha salwar kameez and black-rimmed spectacles for minis and mascara, but flips for the man from nowhere too. The perky ched-chaad changes overnight into an affair of the heart. Refreshingly, a light-hearted affair that steers clear of heavy sentimentality

Cast & Crew

Subhash Ghai
Mukta Arts
A.R Rahman, Ismail Darbar
Javed Akhtar, Blaaze

Kisna Movie - Songs

Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan

Woh Kisna Hai

Tu Itni Pagli Kyun Hai

Aham Brahmasmi

Chilman Uthegi Nahin

My Wish Comes True

Ga Tu Aisi Dhun Mein Ga

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