Kshatriya - 1993


The film is about two warring royal Kshatriya Rajput families in Rajasthan, India, based in Mirtagarh and Surjangarh . The Mirtagarh family's head Bhavani Singh (Sunil Dutt) is killed by the Surjangarh family's head Prithvi Singh (Dharmendra), which causes a bloody feud between the two families spreading over two generations.

Prithvi is sent to prison for Bhavani's murder. Bhavani's brother Jaswant Singh (Vinod Khanna) returns from England vowing to kill Prithvi when the latter is released. Prithvi's son Vinay (Sunny Deol) and Bhavani's son Vikram (Sanjay Dutt) are sent to England as children to get away from the bloody feud between their families. Twenty years later, Vinay and Vikram are the best of friends living in England. Vikram's cousin and Jaswant's daughter Neelima (Raveena Tandon) also lives in London. Vinay and Neelima fall in love and want to marry. This could finally signal the end of the Mirtagarh and Surjangarh feud. Will the younger generation succeed in finally ending this feud between their respective families? Or will they, too, be fated to continue this bloody tradition by being forced to fight each other where only one will be left standing?

Cast & Crew

J P Dutta
Sunderdas Sonkiyua, Sunil Sharma, Ved Gandhi
J P Dutta

Kshatriya Movie - Songs


Dil Na Kisi Ka Jaye

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