Kurbaan - 1991


Maan Singh and the honest Prithvi Singh's are engaged in a legal property dispute. When the Court gives verdict in the favor of Prithvi, Maan Singh, in a fit of rage, hires a renowned bandit, Panna Singh, to eliminate Prithvi's entire family. Panna partly succeeds, and escapes wounded to a forest to escape Prithvi's fury. Prithvi loses his sister, wife and other members of his family due to the attack, and vows to avenge by killing Maan Singh's family in return, and he does it with partial success.

Maan Singh's brother, the Police Inspector Suraj Singh who incidentally was Prithvi's trusted and best friend testifies against Prithvi in the case of carnage, not for revenge but as his duty. This upsets Prithvi no end and puts an end to their friendship.

Prithvi escapes prison, plunders and takes over Panna Singh's gang and becomes Daku Prithvi Singh. The only survivors from his family are his daughter, Chanda, his former housekeeper Kaaki, and her son, Himmat. He goes into hiding with his gang and family.
On the other side, Inspector Suraj Singh lives with his son, Akash. Years later, an educated Akash returns and while visiting a local fair spots an uneducated Chanda and they both fall in love with each other.

When their respective fathers' find out, they are enraged, they prohibit the young lovers to see each other by locking them up and their marriages' are fixed elsewhere.
Both Akash and Chanda believe in their love, and stage their escape but are unaware of the consequences- another bloodbath at the hands of the vengeful Panna Singh was on the corner, who is still alive - and wants to kill Prithvi and his remaining family.

Cast & Crew

Deepak Bahry
Bubby Kent
Vinay Shukla (story)

Kurbaan Movie - Songs

Baitha Neeli Jheel Kinare

Mohabbat Ko Kiski Lagi Baddua

Ek Do Din Ki Jawaani Hai

Aao Main Padha Doon Tumhein

Yeh Dharti Chand Sitare

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