Kyun Hua Achanak - 2013


The story is very much set in today's time and is also a reality in some cases but the fact never comes out in open is the story of this film " Kyun Hua Achanak" A romantic suspense thriller. The plot of the film deals with today's current scenario and how four shrewd individuals "opportunist" meet each other at one juncture of life to make life and how life takes a different turn is the crux of the story.

A middle class boy in mid thirty's has a fight with wife in village and he comes to Mumbai looking out for an opportunity to make money and when he comes to Mumbai he bumps into a petit girl in a up market bar lounge who offers him a job and when he accepts the job he realizes that the job involves him to be a gigolo.

Any how he accepts the job and is also happy with the amount of money he is making but the story takes a different turn and both the girl and the boy are also attracted emotionally towards each other and as the time goes by he is on job and he meets another young rich widow who is around thirty six years old and they share quiet a good chemistry with each other and one fine day this widow questions him whether he is married and quickly this boy replies no I am not and she finally proposes him to get married to her as she is now emotionally attached with him and he accepts the proposal and they both get married with the consent of the petit girl who got him on job.

Now that he is married to this rich multi millionaire widow and he is leading a luxurious lifestyle and all of sudden he gets a call from his original wife who is back in the village and this happens in front of his current multimillionaire wife and the confusion starts and finally this rich widow gets upset with him as he lied and he is thrown out of her house by her and finally he goes back to the same house where he started his new job with this petit girl and he narrates her the whole incident.

Finally the story takes a different turn when both his wives the villager and the multimillionaire are murdered and how the case finally takes a different turn is the crux of the narration.

Cast & Crew

Rajendra Shiv
Amit Srivastava, Narendra Singh
Amit Srivastava
Rajendra Shiv
Ravi Chopra

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