Ladies Tailor - 2006


Chander is the only tailor in his colony. Though talented, he doesn't like to work hard. He is very lazy. He thinks that one fine day his fortune will shine and he will be a king. His friend Pyare and cloth seller FTV try to convince him to do hard work, but in vain.

In this process Chander Tailor meets a fortune-teller who informs that he has "Rajyog" written in his hand. Provided he'll have to marry a "Padmini jati" girl. Additionally that girl should also have a mole on her right lap. Chander is very happy to hear that. He thinks that the time has come for him to become the King. Just marry a girl with mole on thighs. He runs happily. But there's a problem. Pyare and FTV help Chander in remembering Janardhan Bhai. The colony has a saviour in form of Janardhan Bhai. If anyone tries to misbehave with the girls in the colony, he chops off their arms. But for time being he is in the prison. But Janrdhan Bhai has left Jeeva to take care of the colony. But FTV is a old time friend of Jeeva. So FTV manages to bribe Jeeva and carry on the mole searching work smoothly. Chander, Pyare and FTV start searching for the girl with mole. They target a yoga teacher, a widowed doctor and an unmarried girl with poverty. Chander tries out various ways to get close to them and searches for the mole. He stitches beautiful clothes for them and promises to marry each of them. But hell breaks on him when he discovers that there's no mole on any of the three girls laps.

Cast & Crew

R. Udaykanth
Vijay Kumar
Nishadh Chandra
Vimal Kashyap, Ankit Sagar

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