Life Mein Hungama Hai - 2013


?Life Mein Hungama Hai? is an odyssey of adventures of two young lads. Based on the story ?The Running Away? by Ruskin Bond, it is a fun filled family film and is peppered with unexpected adventures of two runaways, subtly underscoring the balanced view between discipline and freedom.

The film depicts the story of Vishwanath and Sunny, two students of class IX at a boarding school in the foothills of the Himalaya. They are fed up with the routine and restrictions of their regulated life. When Vishy?s sailor uncle sends him an e-mail saying his ship will halt at a port on India?s West Coast nearly a thousand miles away, they decide to run away to sail the world with him. On the way, they experience lot of comical, adventurous and thrilling situations. Do they find what they set out to seek?

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