Lottery - 2009


Ever solved a jigsaw puzzle? The plot of LOTTERY is tougher to crack. This one pretends to be a thriller, a love triangle next, a whodunit later, a musical in between and ends up as something else altogether. Can't figure out what this film is all about, seriously.

Besides, LOTTERY is meant to be the launch pad of singer Abhijeet Sawant. The sad news is, Abhijeet has chosen the wrong script to launch himself as an actor.

Rohit [Abhijeet Sawant] is an accountant working in an ad agency. An anonymous message asks him to accept a challenge. He does so and he wins Rs. 3 lacs. The wheels of fortune are set in motion. There are more challenges and bigger rewards. In reality, there's no stopping now. The story takes a turn when Rohit is accused of murder. His life goes upside down?

The film fails on the script level itself. It leaves so many questions unanswered, you actually wonder what was the writer/director thinking when he wrote this script? Direction [Hemant Prabhu] is amateurish. The music is no great shakes either.

Abhijeet needs to groom himself completely before he faces the camera next. The two leading ladies, Rucha Gujrathi and Manisha Kelkar, are decent. Sanjay Narvekar has a Nana Patekar hang-up. Mukesh Tiwari is wasted.

On the whole, this lottery ticket is best avoided!

Cast & Crew

Hemant Prabhu
Govind Satnam
Santosh Singh, Sanjay Pathak

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