Love Guru - 2014


Love Guru is an attempt to expose the unethical and illegal activities that find its shelter in the hands of cruel and vicious spiritual gurus.
Childless couple, Shyam and Sarla visit an asharam to ask a favour from Baba Swami, a renowned spiritual guru. While Sarla becomes a frequent visitor to the asharam, the Swami persuades her to have an illicit relation with him. Sarla, aware of his intentions decides to surrender to fulfill her wish to become a mother. Later when Sarla?s sister Neha visits her house, she smells something fishy and decides to expose the scam that the Swami is involved in which also includes human trafficking along with selling of girls. Will she succeed in her fight for justice?

Cast & Crew

Subodh Govil
Suresh Mathur
Dhanraj Dadhich, Subodh Govil

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