Love in Nepal - 2004


Abby (Sonu Nigam) is the wiz kid creative head of an ad agency, Madness. He?s the happy-go-lucky, couldn?t give a damn kind of guy; always cracking jokes and slapping high-fives. Even though he is ALWAYS late for work, his supervisors don?t say anything to him (the reason for this still escapes me). All is going just fine n? dandy for Mr. Abby until his company proposes a merger with another ad agency; and to Abby?s dismay the two companies agree to merge. As if this isn?t enough for poor old Abby, his new boss is the pain in the neck, uptight, and very stylish, Maxi (Flora Saini).

To add the usual masala mirch, both, Abby and Maxi, are keen on making life miserable for each other. Not forgetting that they work together, they try as hard as they can to maintain somewhat of a co-worker/professional relationship, which fails miserably. They land up in Nepal for an ad shoot and this is where there is?Love In Nepal. As fate would have it, here both find out that they each have somewhat of an attraction for each other (go figure!). One night, a drunken Abby is lured into a hotel room by a very seductive model by the name of Tanya (Jarna Bhattacharya). Tanya sings a raunchy number, Katra Katra, while showing some skin (it seems as if it has become a habit for directors to stick one of these item songs in wherever they want). Too drunk to stay awake, at the end of the solo performance by Tanya, Abby falls fast asleep. When he awakes in the morning, he?s astonished to find a murdered Tanya lying in bed next to him. The rest of the story is bent on Abby proving his innocence.

Cast & Crew

Rajat Mukherjee
T.P. Aggarwal
Nikhil-Vinay, Anu Malik ,Vishal-Shekhar

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