Love Ke Chakkar Mein - 2006


Unemployed Vicky (Akshat Bhatia) meets Neha (Namita) on the internet, and when they meet in person, they fall in love and wish to get married. Neha's father, Vishal (Satish Shah), approves of the union, but in order for him to bless the marriage, he requires Vicky to obtain employment within 7 days.

As the deadline approaches, Vicky finally meets employer Armaan Kochar (Rishi Kapoor). Armann agrees to hire Vicky, but only upon the condition that he lets Neha and he spend a night together. Desperate, Vicky agrees... but instead of Neha, Vicky has hired a prostitute to impersonate her. Once Vicky is employed, Neha's father adds another condition: Vicky must find a suitable apartment or the marriage will not go forward.

Vicky approaches Armann for help, and Armann sets him up in an apartment but insists on another night with "Neha" as compensation. But before Vicky can make the arrangements with the prostitute, Armann sees the girl performing at a nightclub and learns that her name is Bijlee (Parmita Katkar) and that she was hired by Vicky and the reason why. Angry, Armann fires Vicky and evicts him. Armann is subsequently kidnapped and held for ransom. Having witnessed the confrontation between the two, Armann's wife Kaajal (Shoma Anand), contacts the police and accuses Vicky of the crime.

Cast & Crew

B.H.Tharun Kumar
Dev Goradia
Anand Raj Anand, Daboo Malik
Praveen Bharadwaj, Dev Kohli

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