Love Ke Funday - 2016


The days are gone when love was on, Love at first sight stands only a night, The Thrill of dating the later of love, are no more along with chat and whatsapp, cheat is the soul, when Attraction is tall, there is no commitments gain or lose, everything is just to make time pass, relation are dead, with a meet in bed, the love game is on, But the players have changed, love exists but definition reframed, The rule are formed and broken every day, we follow and call it: LOVE KE FUNDAY.

This story is about today's youth's point of view about relationship status just like the Face book and Whatsapp status understands. Like they were changing the status when the mood changed, Love is just a game that they understand and want to play it in every way. And they have the same Funday and under love is an extreme Sympathy and wattle Leads which is nothings else just a bed, But they forget that, what will happen when they really fall in love. They forget about the climax of that love game, what will happen when love will play with them. ARYAN is "BAKCHOUDI KI PATHSHALA ME PHD' holder Casanova stud.

Who don't believe in USELESS things like LOVE? He has one universal triple F formula that he uses to apply in his life. While one thing is very famous about SANDY that is ' "EK USKE SATH DATE KARTI HAI,EK USKA WAIT KARTI HAI, EK USKO RATE KARTI HAI OR JO YEH SAB KUCHH KAR CHUKI HO WOH

One of Sandy &

Cast & Crew

Indervesh Yogee
Faaiz Anwar, Prem Prakash Gupta
Indervesh Yogee
Prakash Prabhakar, Farzan Faaiz
Faaiz Anwar

Love Ke Funday Movie - Songs

Naina Shatir Bade- Song

Tere Bina Kudi Saada Jeena - Song

Ye Pyaar Hai - Song

Anmol Maska - Song

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