Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai - 2014


Swara Bhaskar (Ayesha) and Bhanu Uday (Uday Saxena) are a happily married couple living in Mumbai. Uday, a mechanical engineer, works at a private company and they are living a perfect life with their four year old son Sunny.

One day, while coming back from a party, they are involved in a major road accident in which the other driver dies on Ayeshas? windshield, an incident that plays on her mind and depresses her.
When Uday?s boss offers him the job of managing a Jabalpur factory, he accepts the opportunity to give Ayesha a change of atmosphere.

Uday becomes busy with his job and rearranging their life. Ayesha starts to feel the presence of someone in the house that no one else can. Her fears grow and she starts behaving in a bizarre manner.

Cast & Crew

Debaloy Dey
Rajneet Jain, Rajesh Jain, Viny Raj Modi, Sushil Agrawal
Nattasha Rana, Sailesh Pratap Singh
Amit Mishra
Puneet Sharma, Prashant Ingole, Amit Mishra

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