Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon - 2003


The movie opens in the small town of ?Gajraula? which can be from any part of India, however the lead actors accent hints at Uttar Pradesh. The opening scene has a ?nautanki? or as is known in these parts ?dance party? set up and the local belle ?Chutki? (Antara Mali) performs on stage to a few Madhuri Dixit numbers.

Chutki is cheered on and after a few more perforances, where she gyrates and synch?s to Madhuri numbers, she gets convinced that she can emulate her idol Madhuri, if she can reach Mumbai and act in movies. While her father is quite lenient in letting her have her ways, once he learns about her aspirations to go to Mumbai and become an actress, he decides to get her married. Chutki as usual asks her best friend Raja (Rajpal Yadav) to sort out the problem. Raja who is the son of the pradhan comes up with an idea whereby he marries Chutki and then officially takes her to Mumbai on the pretext of setting up a business.

They land up in Mumbai, but struggle to find her a role. They even meet a Ramgopal Verma, inspired character (played by Benjamin Gilani), who always gives breaks to newcomers, but unfortunately he offers a role to Raja instead of Chutki.

Raja and Chutki ultimately get lucky when they meet Govind Namdeo who agrees to become Chutki?s secretary. He sets down a few conditions before getting Chutki a role in a music video. After seeing her dance performance in the video she is offered a few roles. Her secretary finally gets her the main female lead in a film starring Dev Anand, Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol and many more leading stars .

Chutki is delighted but on reaching the sets she is horrified as all of them turn out to be look alikes. She threatens to walk out but ultimatelyconcedes after being convinced by Govind

Cast & Crew

Chandan Arora
Ram Gopal Varma
Amar Mohile
Nitin Raikwar

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