Marega Salaa - 2009


Jimmy Shergill: Jai
Jai, the handsome Cop. He was smart and intelligent but not perfect. He unfortunately had a major weakness; he loved the company of pretty woman. However he never let his heart rule his mind. Not until now at least!

Kim Sharma: Tanya
Tanya was a very special woman, the eternal seductress and extremely ambitious. She had great talent, could easily cause between any man?s hormones and his grey cells. She was a charmer who knew how to twist people around her little finger.

Rahul Handa: Anirudh
Anirudh, the man about town, the upcoming video director was at the right place at the right time. Music Remix was the name of the game and he knew how to play it. He believed in sharing, especially his love and that two for the fairer sex. His conquests were Page 3 talk. But when it came to Tanya, he was smitten, big time, to the extent of marriage. Would he be able to tame her, hold on; time would tell.

Hrishita Bhatt: Priya
Priya the aspiring starlet, keen to make her name in the music remix industry. She gets involved in the murky business but doesn?t know how to get out. Is she the potential killer or the potential victim?


Five people create an intricate web of Love, Lust, and Doom; and play this game. Who is the Player? Who is the Play Master? It's anyone's guess.

As the game gets played, some fall in love and some die in it. It's bound to happen; the stakes are high and the emotions...deep.

See for yourself; who is the winner? Who is the vanquished? Who falls in love? Who dies in it?

Yeh game tumhara tha... par isey khel main raha tha!!!

Cast & Crew

Devang Dholakia
Neeraj Pandey

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