Market - 2003


Unlike many other Bollywood films ?Market? is more realistic and takes a candid look into the lives of sex workers. Director Jai Prakash creates an authentic ambience against the backdrop of a brothel in Hyderabad. Even the language that the characters speak in the movie captures the flavor of the setting.

There are some sequences in the film that moves a viewer. These include the one when a minor Manisha is married to an aged Sheikh and used by the brute Arab for his sexual pleasure only to be dumped later on like a used piece of linen. Another sequence that hits you is when Manisha is forced into prostitution and suffers the mental and physical torture.

Manisha Koirala delivers a noticeable performance and rightly conveys the trauma a young girl undergoes when she is left alone in this world to fend for herself. The actress has paid meticulous attention to several details like the body language, the speech and the entire look of a prostitute.

In side roles, Suman Ranganathan and Shweta Menon add for some oomph factor while Aryan Vaid leaves an impression in the second half of the movie.

On the whole, ?Market? is a gripping movie, but it is not meant for family viewing due to explicit dialogues and its subject.

Cast & Crew

Jai Prakash
Rama Adhikari, Atif Khan
Altaf Raja, Jani Babu, Vaishno Deva
Arun Bhairav. Khurshid Hallauri

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