Mawaali - 1983


Nisha Verma lives with her wealthy father, Goyal; her aunt, Laila; Laila?s husband, Ajit; and her cousin, Ranjit. Laila would like her to get married to Ranjit so that the wealth and the estate gets to remain in the family. But Asha has fallen in love with a young man named Ramesh. When she introduces Ramesh to her dad, he does not approve of him, and warns Nisha not to see him again. A few days later, Nisha hears her father scream in the middle of the night, and rushes over to his room, bumps into Ramesh who was on his way out.

She finds out that her father has been killed, the police are summoned, and Ramesh is arrested. At the trial in court, Ramesh pleads his innocence, but Nisha?s testimony convicts him, with the sentence being the death penalty. The question remains, did Ramesh really kill Goyal, if not, then who committed this crime, and what exactly was Ramesh doing in Verma?s house in the middle of the night? (IMDB)

Cast & Crew

K Bapaiah
G Hanumantha Rao

Mawaali Movie - Songs

Baap Ki Kasam

Rama Rama Re

Jhopdi Mein Charpai

Ui Amma Ui Amma

Ek Ek Do Teen

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