Mirror Game - Ab Khel Shuru - 2017


Icelerate Films, Swen Entertainment, Industrywalas, Diamond Films and Rolling Box Films' Mirror Game- Ab Khel Shuru is basically a suspense thriller that revolves around a professor Jay Varma (Parvin Dabbas), who shares a strained relationship with his wife Tanya (Shanti Akkineni).

One of the reasons for his estranged relationship is the suicide of his student Ranvir Bhargav (Hari Kapoor). One day, out of nowhere a student named Ronnie (Dhruv Bali) approaches him to help him in his research. Jay promise to help Ronnie on the condition that, in return, he will kill Tanya.

Does Ronnie accept Jay's proposal or id there more than what meets the eye, is what forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Kasturi Nath Singh, Vishal J. Singh
Vijit Sharma, Rahula Kochar
Kasturi Nath Singh, Vishal J. Singh
Siddhant Kaushal

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