Miss Anara - 2007


The movie is about a girl who is a victim of mistaken identity. It is based on the real-life incident involving the 2006 Miss Jammu, Anara Gupta, who had got embroiled in a controversy when a pornographic CD which featured her look-alike had flooded the market and the Jammu police had framed a charge against her for encouraging pornography. Anara was later declared innocent.

Taking a cue from the incident, the film depicts the harrowing time Miss Anara (played by Miss Anara Gupta herself) goes through when the police picks her up from her residence, along with her mother (Moushumi Chatterjee), and brother for questioning. In the film, the SP of Jammu Police is shown being enamoured of Miss Anara and it is at his behest that the men in uniform bring her to the police station where she is kept in the lock-up without filing an F.I.R. against her. The SP wanted to avenge Miss Anara?s cold shoulder to him when he had tried to woo her at the beauty contest with lewd overtures.

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