Mithya - 2008


Money, conspiracy, deceit, betrayal, lies.. The Mumbai underworld is about all this, and more. VK has come to Mumbai, chasing big film dreams, like thousands of others. When fate makes him a pawn in a master game plan of the underworld, he unknowingly gets drawn into a whirlpool of events that will determine his future. Then an unexpected accident turns the tables for everybody involved..

Now begins a chase that won?t stop at anything. VK is too deep into it now to step back. Unknowingly, he has become an imposter, an imposter who wasn?t.. It is rare indeed for a film to make it to the most popular blogs and chat sites after merely one preview screening. Mithya?s praise spread like wildfire. Rajat Kapoor directs his most ambitious project yet, a comic thriller that will amuse as well as shock you

Cast & Crew

Rajat Kapoor
Arindam Chaudhuri
Sagar Desai

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