Mixed Doubles - 2006


Sunil and Malti love each other. Neither would dream of cheating.
A marriage of choice, it is clear that the early years were very happy.
Now they have the usual indicators of a good middle class life: double income, single kid, nice apartment, decent job, some good friends, washing machine, desktop computer, car. But while there is still comfort, after ten years, the spark is gone.

Sunil is not happy. He is going to die of boredom.
Life has become a chore. He tries to do his part.
But even making love to his wife has become a dreary duty, one best avoided.
Knowing that this upsets her, he tries all kinds of tricks to ensure that the opportunity does not occur.
Malti, hurt, tries to talk to him, to be alluring, to negotiate, but to no avail.

And then it all changes. Suddenly Sunil is loving and amorous- he is no longer bored. Malti is pleased until Sunil tells her of his new obsession.
She is shocked. His plan is unacceptable. She will bear no part in it.
But Sunil cannot do this alone.
He cajoles, he pleads, he yells and finally, he tricks her into capitulation.

Cast & Crew

Rajat Kapoor
Sunil Doshi
Sagar Desai

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