Mr. Kabaadi - 2017


This is a story about Kallu Kabaadi, A low life scrap dealer whose life turns from rags to riches.Fortune smiles upon Kallu after he marries his sweetheart, Chando the rag picker.
Kallu inherits his grandfather's piece of land.The land price have skyrocketed as a highway has been built upon it.
Now that Kallu is wealthy,he wishes to leave behind his past and start a new chapter. He wants to erase his past friendships,poor,miserable slum life and live the lavish life,one could only dream of.
Having no experience or education required to run a successful ,reputable business, Kallu owns over 150 private toilets around the state. Kallu's son Chaman runs the toilets and makes weekly collections.
Embarrassed by their own profession, family lies about owning chain of restaurants as a facade.
Kallu dreams of rubbing shoulders with the elite,high society.He wishes to marry off his children,Chaman and Meethi into wealthy families.
Kallu and Chaman's dreams come crashing down due to Chando's idiocy.
Story reaches a crucial point when Chaman falls in love with Shaili whose father Mr Arora hates kabaadis because his sister eloped with one.Later it's revealed that the Kabaadi she eloped with happens to be Chaman's mama.
The story revolves around Kallu family chaos and funny situations.The essence of the story lies in being true to oneself.

Cast & Crew

Ali Ghani, Raj Prakash, Vishal
Anup Jalota
Ali Ghani, Raj Prakash, Vishal
Ajit Shrivastv, Nikhil Kapoor, Om Chhangani, Shamim Shah

Mr. Kabaadi Movie - Songs

Naina Lage

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