Naach - 2004


Naach tells the story of two strugglers in the film industry. Reva (Antara Mali) is an aspiring choreographer who ridicules the dances in films for being too outdated and without soul. She wants to change the very style of choreography in films.

Abhi (Abhishek Bachchan), on the other hand, is a struggling actor who accepts the industry as it is and wants to get a break soon. Like Reva, he too has his own principles and lives by his own code.

Lady luck smiles on Abhi and he gets his first acting break, while Reva is turned down from an important project just because the heroine of that film wanted the choreographer of her own choice.

As time passes the ideological differences between Abhi and Reva become bigger and the two part their ways. Abhi goes on to become a big star while Reva continues to struggle.

Reva gets her first shot at fame in a music video offered by a music company boss Diwakar (Ritesh Deshmukh). Reva gives her best to this project and is equally rewarded with recognition and appreciation from the industry.

The same Abhi and Reva who were ones strugglers are now stars. They meet again in a restaurant. While there is awkwardness and unease between the two, Abhi goes on to accept his love for her only to be turned down.

But then the two get an offer to act together in a musical film to be produced by Diwakar. As Reva and Abhi get together, the chemistry and the ?animal instinct? between the two often reflects in the flashes of their repressed love coming out.

Naach is yet another attempt at cinematic experimentation by RGV. He punctuates his script with pregnant silences that are often broken by characters? facial expression telling the unsaid. And he pays meticulous attention to every detail to make a scene look as authentic as possible.

Another strong point of the movie is the way Ramu has shot the film?s songs, using stylistic cinematography with queer makeup and popish ambience.

Svelte Antara Mali looks sultry and voluptuous in her yogic dance poses and ?stimulating? dresses most of which reveal her deep ?eye-catching? cleavage. She has given a credible performance and ably brings out her character?s nuances with right expressions.

Abhishek Bachchan plays his character with conviction and continues to emerge as a mature actor in this film. Ritesh Deshmukh too gives a polished performance.

Naach is a film that will appeal to people who like to see more than mushy dramas and corny plots. The movie has subtlety, abstraction and realism and through all of it is told an intense love story.

Cast & Crew

Ramgopal Varma

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