Naam Gum Jaayega - 2005


Aryan (Aryan Vaid) and Divya (Divya Dutta) find the mysterious girl, Natasha (Diya Mirza) in an unconscious state on the roads of Manali. Both Aryan and Divya work for an organization involved with the research in occult sciences. When Natasha regains consciousness, tells them her sad and strange story, which utterly baffles them. Natasha is pretty much sure that some voices call her name from the mountains. Also she is certain that it is Vishal (Rakesh Bapat) who calls her name. Natasha had met Vishal on a college hike and this meeting led the two to fall in love with each other. Vishal's house was at the base of the mountains where Natasha had asked him to marry her. But on hearing his reply to wait for six months, she irked much and left the house saying she would now return only after six months. But when Natasha returns after the duration of six months found that Vishal had sold this house to a painter, Nailini Sen (Mandira Bedi). She was also shocked when she heard the news that Vishal had left no trace of his whereabouts. Nailini asked Natasha to stay there and wait for Vishal's comeback. Here the real mystery takes place. One day Nailini paints a portrait of a fictitious character, Professor Xeno taken from a story penned by Natasha. Later one dark night, when Natasha is alone in the house, this fictitious character appears actually in front of her and controls her but when Nailini enters the house, he instantly vanishes.

Now the question arises who is this fictitious man? How does he exist? Why does he control Natasha? Is she hallucinating or has she really seen this man? Where is Vishal and does he really call her name from the mountains? Is he alive or dead? All of these questions give birth to further questions.

Cast & Crew

Amol Shetge
Shaila Suresh Pai
Praveen Bhardwaj

Naam Gum Jaayega Movie - Songs

Hamein Tumse Hai Pyar

Us Ladki Pe Dil Aaya

Kabhi Ye Na Poochna

Tumse Milke

Teri Palkein Jo Uthi

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