Naina - 2005


'Naina' is a story of a young girl who loses her eyesight and her parents in a freack accident in London on a day of solar eclipse. Twenty years later, she is bestowed with the gift of sight. Thanks to the marvels of modern science, a cornea implant brings her vision back. Her period of darkness is over... or is it?

With the implant through which her vision is restored, she starts seeing a new world hitherto unknown to mankind. What is this curse that has been cast upon her? Will she ever be able to escape it? Will this extraordinary sense she is now bestowed with destroy her life? Will she ever be able to resume her regular life again?

Naina is the quest of a young woman trying to find the answers to these supernatural mysteries. Will she succeed?

Cast & Crew

Shripal Morakhia
Firuzi Khan, Ashish Bhatnagar
Salim - Sulaiman

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