Nazrana - 1986


Rajat and Mukta meet each other and fall in love. They get married and live in harmony for a few years. Then Mukta starts suspecting that Rajat is having an affair with Sheetal Puri, and then misunderstandings and distrust start, and snowball. Finally, they decide to separate and go their own ways.

After their separation, Mukta finds out that she is pregnant, and would like Rajat to see his child, and hopes for a reconciliation. It is then she meets Sheetal, who tells her in no uncertain terms, that Rajat and she belong together, and Rajat has no intention of coming back to Mukta.

Cast & Crew

Ravi Tandon
C V K Shastry
Pyarelal, Laxmikant Kudalkar

Nazrana Movie - Songs

A Baaba Rika O Rika

Isse Pehle Ke Yaad Tu Aaye

Jhan Jhanana Jhan Payal Bole : Mohammed Aziz

Kehde Zamane Se

Mera Naam Tu Puchega

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