Neerja - 2016


Based on a true story, Neerja is a biopic on senior flight attendant Neerja Bhanot who died trying to save the lives of three children during the 1986 hijack in Karachi.

Neerja, a successful model and flight attendant, is all set for her first flight as a head pursuer - which is an international PanAm flight to Frankfurt from Bombay via Karachi via New York. Just two days before her birthday, when the entire family is planning something special, including the special man in her life Jaydeep, Neerja's flight is hijacked in Karachi by Palestinian terrorists in order to demand the release of criminals. However, their plan soon turns out to be a disaster, when the pilots they require to fly to Cyprus escape from the cockpit. While the Pakistani government is making every attempt to release the passengers from the clutches of the terrorists, Neerja takes it upon herself to save as many lives as possible from them.

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