Papa - The Great - 2000


Bobby is a young lad, who lives with his Engineer dad, Jai Prakash, and mom, Pooja. Bobby always brags to everyone as to how brave and macho his dad is. But only Jai knows that he is quite the opposite - mousy, submissive, and afraid of any confrontation. To make matters worse, Jai falls in the bad books of local gangster Villain Kaka, who is out to crush him, as he had crushed a police inspector. Jai is all for running away to Delhi or as far as he can possibly get from Kaka.

Before he could do anything, their lives are turned upside down by the appearance of a gangster named Biharilal - who forcibly invites himself in Jai's house - and refuses to go away. Watch how Jai, Bobby, and Pooja deal with this new threat.

Cast & Crew

K Bhagyaraj
Gulshan Kumar
Nikhil, Vinay, Naresh Sharma, M.M. Kareem, Wajid, Jaidev Kumar
Faiz Anwar, Maya Govind, Sameer, Ajay Jhingran

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