Partner - 2007


In the sophisticated romantic comedy, Prem (Salman Khan), a legendary Mumbai City "date doctor" who, for a fee has helped hundreds of men woos the women of their dreams. In his childhood he understood a woman?s likes and dislikes in food, clothes or men. His aim is to help those men who like or love women, not to take them to bed.

The ultimate professional bachelor, Prem discovers that all of his tried and true tricks of the trade are no match for Naina (Lara Dutta), the one woman he truly loves; she works for a newspaper as a journalist.

He comes across with Govinda, who is in love with Katrina Kaif, the rich and famous daughter of an industrialist tycoon. Prem helps Govinda to find her lady love, which go through many hurdles in a comic series and finally winning the heart of lady love of Govinda and Salman Khan.

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Sohail Khan
Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed, Jalees Sherwani

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