Parwana - 2003


The movie begins with the dreaded terrorist Shahtaj (Sharat Saxena) of the Lashkar-e-Mujahideen, who harbors the dream of getting ?freedom? for Kashmir with more than a little help from friends across the border.

He places a bomb in a crowded amusement park and many innocents die in the blast. Terror reigns supreme. But soon Shahtaj is captured by the law and interrogated by authorities.

Cut ? The focus shift to Parwana (Ajay Devgan), a small-time conman who swindles the rich and has a golden heart to share his booty with the poor. Every time he runs into trouble, and falls into the clutches of Inspector Hardev Singh Haryanvi (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), he is rescued by Haryanvi's wife (Ketaki Dave).

Enters a comely girl named Pooja (Amisha Patel). Two funny encounters and one rescue later, Parwana and Pooja fall in love. It takes just one song for them to get married. Parwana decides to lead a respectable life.

Thing take a swift turn when Pooja is injured in an accident and Parwana has to arrange for Rs. 50,000 for her life-saving operation. In desperation, Parwana decides to steal the money. He nicks a briefcase hoping for some cash in it, but there is a bomb in the case.

Thing take a turn for the worse after police nab Parwana with the bomb and label him as a terrorist!

There is hardly anything in Parwana that could hold a viewer?s interest till the end. The early reels of the movie has some good comic scenes ? like when Seth Malpani (Jagdeep) gets conned by Parwana, or Ismailbhai Muskurahat?s (Kader Khan) comic encounters with Devgan and Amrapurkar. But the second half of the movie is completely intolerable

Cast & Crew

Deepak Bahry
Deepak Bahry
Sanjeev Rathod
Sameer, Afsar

Parwana Movie - Songs

Pyar To Hota Hai Pyar

Mein Te Jindari

Deva Ho Deva

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