Phir Tauba Tauba - 2008


Three boys, Bunty, Happy and Lucky, study in a London school. They fall in love with three young girls. The boys then happen to meet Rubina (Saadhika), a very attractive young lady who is married to Khan (Rahul Roy). Rubina leads the boys down the garden path and tells them that her husband is very troublesome and that if they killed him for her, they could have a good time with her. The boys make several unsuccessful attempts to kill Khan. Finally, they are ready to admit their failure and unwillingness to carry out the crime. But they discover that Khan has really been murdered and they are the main accused in the homicide case. The rest of the film is about how the boys unravel the truth about the murder?

Cast & Crew

T L V Prasad
Arun Daga, Nazakat Shujat, Vinay Kapadia
Shabbir Ahmed, Tejpal Kaur

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